After 1 month in Korea…Simple Garlic-Stuffed Chicken

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We’ve just completed our fourth week of teaching English in Korea! Time flies–especially when you’re teaching 35 classes a week! The first few weeks were definitely overwhelming. All we had energy for was teaching and sleeping. But we’ve eased into a routine, and teaching isn’t as stressful. We’re enjoying our jobs…and all the crazy kids!😉

Besides our new jobs, the transition to Korea hasn’t been too difficult. We live in a city of 400,000 people–but our neighborhood is nestled between two hills, far away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. We can access a hiking trail within 5 minutes from our apartment, and we’re also within walking distance of some local farms. So, it really feels like we’re living in a small town. If you can imagine a town with no houses and very tall apartment buildings, that is!

The biggest challenge for me has been cooking! I went from working at home and cooking most of our meals from scratch (because I had way too much time on my hands!) to working 8-10 hour days and wanting to eat out every night. I’d rather not admit how much pizza we’ve consumed these past four weeks…😀 Continue reading

Big changes…and the secret to great soup!

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As I hinted in my previous post, big changes are coming for us–fast!  If I posted current pictures of our apartment, you would notice half-empty cupboards and missing furniture. Yes, we’re moving! And not in two months, like we had previously planned, but in two weeks!!

Long story short, we will be teaching English to elementary kids in South Korea, starting in March! We’ve decided to make good use of that interim period between jobs and visit family in Turkey along the way.

Warning: this blog might change into a bit of a travel blog. But the best part about traveling is the food, right?😉 Continue reading

Two Coconut Curry Recipes

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I had meant to post these two recipes in December before all of the holiday craziness…not to mention, all of the moving-overseas craziness. (More on that later.) But I think these actually work better as New Year’s change-up-my-diet-no-more-turkey-and-mashed-potatoes recipes.🙂

These two recipes are definitely siblings, with more in common than not– though, they’d probably tell you differently! While one is a lentil soup and the other is a shrimp dish, they both share the creamy sweetness of coconut milk and the earthy zing of curry. And they both love a fresh squeeze of citrus! To avoid any sibling rivalry, I’d recommend trying them both. Continue reading

My Go-To Method for Cooking a Whole Chicken


I’m a chicken novice. I’ve managed to hack apart a whole chicken twice. Now, I prefer to buy my chicken already cut up. I figured it’s worth the extra 50 cents to save my kitchen from flying chicken goo. I’m a little scary with knives…

The first few times I cooked a chicken, I just threw it in a pot of boiling water with some veggies. And I would get finger-lickin’ stock–but meh, over-cooked chicken.

Thankfully, I found a good, simple alternative–roasting chicken in a Dutch oven.In less than 2 hours, I get tender, flavorful chicken and several cups of delicious jus–which you can turn into gravy or soup broth. Then, once we eat the chicken, I can simmer the bones with onions and garlic to make stock. Definitely a win-win situation. Continue reading

UFO: Salad, Side Dish, or Meal?


I really don’t know what to call this dish–it’s that versatile. The last time I made it, we used it as a salsa. The time before that, with a side of roasted sweet potatoes, it was the main dish.

Here in America, it would probably be called a salad. We call lots of things salads. (If you’re bored, click here. Let me rephrase that: if you’re bored, full, and not the slightest bit nauseous, click here. Seriously, people, keep your Jello far, far away from any other food. Or terrible things will happen.) Continue reading

Sunshine in a bowl: Red Lentil Soup

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If the cold weather is getting you down, this is the soup for you.

Especially if you’ve never tried lentils before.

Yes, you’re starting with dried beans. But you’ll have supper on the table in 30 minutes or less.

And even though this soup only has 7 simple ingredients, it’s bursting with flavor.

So go buy some lentils. Be sure to get the delicate red ones, not the earthy brown ones. Continue reading